Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.

About Us

Our Tasks

As a representative and voice of startups in Germany we are committed to establishing a founder-friendly environment. Opening up a dialogue with decision-makers in politics, we develop proposals that encourage a culture of self-employment and reduce the barriers to starting a business. We promote innovative entrepreneurship and want to establish an entrepreneurship mentality in society. We want to connect founders, startups and their friends with each other as a broad network.

  • Public RelationsWe are committed to building a positive image of startups in society by launching campaigns and organizing events. Through research, we emphasize the importance of startups in Germany.
  • Political LobbyingWe develop political agendas that are relevant to startups and represent them in the political field, with a functioning startup ecosystem in mind.
  • NetworkOur priority is establishing a network of regional startup initiatives in Germany. Additionally, we work with industry associations, major institutions and established businesses.

The Association

It is very important to us to represent the German startup landscape in a democratic, heterogeneous and representative manner.

  • StartupsOur regular members vote to determine courses of action in the general meeting.
  • SponsorsFriends, sponsors and other stakeholders in the startup world who assist us operationally and financially.
  • The BoardAs entrepreneurs themselves, they work in an honorary capacity to lead and represent the association.
  • AmbassadorsRegional representatives provide a nationwide network and presence.
  • Advisors & TeamThe board, the management and the staff handle the day-to-day business.


  • Florian NöllChairman
  • Thomas BachemVice Chairman
  • Sascha SchubertVice Chairman
  • David HanfFinance
  • Erik HeineltInternational & E-Commerce
  • Christian Miele
  • Stephanie Renda
  • Christian Vollmann
  • Dr. Tom Kirschbaum

Joint Board

  • Robert M. Maier
  • Michael Bingel
  • Karsten Schaal
  • Franziska von Hardenberg
  • Dorothea Utzt
  • Roy Uhlmann
  • Torsten Jensen
  • Finn Age Hänsel


  • Mirco DragowskiManaging Director
  • Kathrin ZibisReferee
  • Tobias Szarowicz Referee
  • Christian TeggeHead of Operations Berlin
  • Katharina StevensEvent Manager
  • Lisa SchreierHead of Research & International Strategy
  • Carmen HennigResearchteam
  • Lukas WieseResearchteam
  • Anna HolzReferee
  • Paul WolterReferee
  • Nathan WilliamsProject Consultant
  • Nora HerzogEvent Manager
  • We’re hiringIntern

Field Coordinators

  • Christian VollmannCoordinator
    Business Angels
  • Sven WeizeneggerCoordinator
    Cyber Security
  • Nicolas LeclouxCoordinator
    Food & Retail Startups
  • Roy UhlmannCoordinator
    E-Commerce Startups
  • Torsten JensenCoordinator
  • Sven Ripsas Coordinator
    Entrepreneurship Education
  • Ryan LittleCoordinator Social Entrepreneurship
  • Markus SauerhammerCoordinator Social Entrepreneurship
  • Nicolas ZimmerCoordinator Industry 4.0
  • Christian MieleCoordinator Venture Capital
  • Uwe Horstmann Coordinator Venture Capital
  • Alexander Görlach Coordinator USA (east coast)
  • Carsten Radtke Coordinator Banking and Capital Markets
  • Fabian Westerheide Coordinator artificial intelligences


  • Sascha SchubertAmbassador
  • Constanze BuchheimAmbassador
  • Alexander KölpinAmbassador
  • Fabio BacigalupoAmbassador
  • Michael BingelAmbassador
  • Stephanie RendaAmbassador
  • Peter K. SannerAmbassador
  • Adrian ThomaAmbassador Baden-Württemberg
  • Mark EgertAmbassador Baden-Wurttemberg
  • Marthe-Victoria LorenzAmbassador Baden-Wurttemberg
  • Martin TrenkleAmbassador Baden-Wurttemberg
  • Karsten SchaalAmbassador
  • Tobias GöckeAmbassador
  • Sönke Martens Ambassador
  • Philipp BaumgaertelAmbassador
  • Thomas ReimersAmbassador
  • Anne Christin DrögeAmbassador
  • Birgit LackAmbassador
  • Tobias GebhardtAmbassador Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Benjamin RoosAmbassador North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Hannes MehringAmbassador Thuringia
  • Daniel WorchAmbassador Saxony-Anhalt
  • Thomas HoppeAmbassador Lower Saxony
  • Ricardo Ferrer RiveroAmbassador Lower Saxony
  • Wolf C. GoertzAmbassador Lower Saxony
  • Tobias WedlerAmbassador Lower Saxony
  • Tobias Dazenko Ambassador Bremen
  • Dorothea UtztAmbassador Bavaria
  • Florian PingerAmbassador Bavaria
  • Hendrik LesserAmbassador Bavaria
  • Ludwig PrellerAmbassador Bavaria
  • Sabine EngelAmbassador Bavaria

Specialist Groups

    • Ulli Jendrik KoopDigital Health Economics Speaker
    • Jakob FutorjanskiDigital Health Economics Vice Speaker
    • Markus MüschenichDigital Health Economics Vice Speaker
    • Susanne KrehlChairwoman of the Specialist Group PR // Chairwoman of the Specialist Group FinTech
    • Sophie GuggenbergerChairwoman of the Specialist Group PR
    • Steffen Funck Vice Chairman of the Specialist Groups Energie
    • Mathias Fiedler Chairman of the Specialist Groups CTO´s
    • Christian ZachariasChairman of the Specialist Groups CTO´s
    • Albrecht AckermannVice Chairman of the Specialist Groups SaaS
    • Niels PrzybillaChairman of the Specialist Groups SaaS
    • Mathias OckenfelsChairman of the Specialist Groups SaaS
    • Sebastian BlumenthalSpeaker of the Specialist Group Future Mobility
    • Tom Kirschbaum Speaker of the Specialist Group Future Mobility
    • Jacob van Zonneveld stellv. Sprecher der Fachgruppe Future Mobility
    • Malte WindwehrVice Speaker of the Specialist Group Future Mobility
    • Dr. Oliver VinsChairman of the Specialist Groups FinTech
    • Benjamin WüstenhagenSpeaker of the Specialist Group EdTech for the field school
    • Hannes KlöpperSpeaker of the Specialist Group EdTech for the field college
    • Raffaela ReinSpeaker of the Specialist Group EdTech for professional development
    • Dr. Simon WertherChairman of the Specialist Groups HR-Startups
    • Matthias GeisVice Chairman of the Specialist Groups HR-Startups
    • Lea BöhmVice Chairman of the Specialist Groups HR-Startups

Advisory Council

  • Heinz-Paul Bonn
  • Dr. Alex von Frankenberg
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann
  • Christian Nagel
  • Joachim Schoss
  • Marcel ‘Otto’ Yon


Contact us at info@germanstartups.org.